Great Fire (presentation)

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Great Fire

On 5 September 1666, the 33-year-old Samuel Pepys climbed the steeple of the ancient church of All Hallows-by-the-Tower and was met with the “the saddest sight of desolation that I ever saw; everywhere great fires, oil-cellars, and brimstone, and other things burning”. Leaving the church, he wandered along Gracechurch Street, Fenchurch Street and Lombard Street towards the Royal Exchange, which he found to be “a sad sight” with all the pillars and statues (except one of Sir Thomas Gresham) destroyed. The ground scorched his feet and he found nothing but, ash and rings dust. It was the fourth day of the Great Fire of London and, though some parts of the city would continue to burn for months, the worst of the destruction was finally over. This text was pasted from the internet.

სურათიანი პოსტი

ამ პოსტით ვისწავლე სურათის ჩასმა პოსტში.

მეორე პოსტი

ეს არის ჩემი მეორე პოსტი. კიდევ დამრჩა 9.

პირველი პოსტი

ეს არის ჩემი პირველი პოსტი. დღეიდან კიდევ 10 პოსტს დავწერ.